The Power of Inner Peace

What is Inner Peace, something real or just an ideal? If it’s real, what is the power of Inner Peace, how does it help our lives?

Wikipedia’s definition:

  • Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors. Being “at peace” is considered by many to be healthy (homeostasis) and the opposite of being stressed or anxious, and is considered to be a state where our mind performs at an optimal level with a positive outcome. Peace of mind is thus generally associated with bliss, happiness and contentment.
  • Peace of mind, serenity, and calmness are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress. In some cultures, inner peace is considered a state of consciousness or enlightenment that may be cultivated by various forms of training, such as breathing exercises, prayer, meditatio, tai chi or yoga, for example. Many spiritual practices refer to this peace as an experience of knowing oneself.


People with pessimistic attitudes see everything as gloomy, there is no light or positive side to anything. Any rejection makes them feel as though they are unworthy, if it is a job rejection, they can feel they were aiming to high or even that they cannot have a job.Pessimism The Power of Inner Peace

This can then make them think that everyone will think they aren’t clever enough to hold down a job. From that point the thoughts can spiral around in ever increasing downward circles, until the mind is filled with negativity.

A crisis or a bad event of some sort during their life, a pessimist will end up building it up into something bigger than it is. A positive person will put it into perspective and move on, something the pessimist finds almost impossible.

Focussing on the negative side of any situation makes it difficult to find inner peace.

The first step

to finding inner peace is to consider what are you trying to achieve with your life. Working out your goals and what you need to do that will take you there? Are the goals realistic or are you setting goals that are far beyond your reach? Do you have any goals?

Sorting out your priorities will help with finding inner peace because you no longer have everything muddled up in your head. It’s easier to relax if everything is organised rather than cluttered.

You can start by setting small goals that can be easily achieved. Then, instead of focusing on failure, you can see the good job you’ve done in reaching your goal. If you fail to reach a goal, use this situation to learn how to do better next time. Don’t wallow in your failure.

When you feel good about yourself,

you will have an easier time finding peace of mind. Peace is essential for happiness.

A constant feeling of sadness will make you feel as though  you are carrying a great weight  on your shoulders. It can make you feel depressed bringing you down to a very low point that becomes harder to get out of as negative thoughts swirl round endlessly. It can be difficult to realise that you are not the only person facing rejection or hurt in life.

There are always other people much worse off but the pessimist will be unlikely to think of that. People with negative thinking miss out on inner peace because they let every little setback throw them off track. They criticize themselves for no real reason and go down a road that only leads to misery.

Being Positive  positive uplifting thoughts

Losing a job or not getting one you interviewed for can be seen as a good thing. The old saying: When one door closes another opens is very often true. However, we will only see the new opportunity if we are looking for it.

Being positive brings many gains including happiness and a calm that can lead to inner peace. When you are positive, other people want to be around you, they are drawn by your lighter energy.

Taking action to turn a negative into a positive is always a good thing. It makes you aware of any opportunities lurking then gives the confidence to make you grasp any that feel right for you.

How to find the power of Inner Peace

Taking action can lead you to inner peace because activity makes you feel more positive about a situation. Positive attitudes result in peaceful states of mind. If you are being negative about yourself all the time, you need to break the cycle and get out of the habit of doing so.

You can train your mind to think more positively. It will take work and effort, but it will lead you to inner peace and  will be worthwhile for that alone. It’s amazing the difference having a positive outlook has on your life as a whole.

A few pointers in the right direction

Gratitude is a good start because when you think of things you are grateful for it makes you feel happy.gratitude

Being aware of negative thoughts and changing them before they get out of hand.

Focus on things you can control, rather than those you can’t.

Spend time walking in nature, it can be very calming and de-stressing. If you enjoy walking it is possible for your mind to reach a meditative state which can bring the feeling of inner peace.

Eat healthily to give overall better health and engender feelings of general well being.

That’s a few to get started on. We will look at those pointers more in depth and other useful tips for finding and keeping the power of inner peace on another blog post.


There are always things you can be doing and changes you can be making to bring you inner peace. The main goal is to find it and then keep it in your possession most of the time.

I say most of the time because things happen that can knock us off course temporarily. But when you come from a positive direction it is easier to put such things into perspective  and deal with them.

Remember, the more work you do on yourself the sooner you will reach the place you want to be. And in that place is not only peace but happiness too.


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6 thoughts on “The Power of Inner Peace”

  1. Having peace is what we all want and many things can be done by us to really have inner peace and for many reasons having inner peace is really cool. When someone has inner peace, there is this joy that comes with it and with this you tend to treat people differently and you’ll see yourself living your best life.

    • That is spot on Justin. Inner peace helps you enjoy life so much more and as you say, it means you treat others better and it brings happiness to your entire life. It means also that you deal with events that would bring stress so much more easily.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. This is a really good one seriously and I think that it is very good that you can tell me about inner peace and how we would be able to attain this kind of peace. I think many people out there just go around trying to look happy when the truth is that that happiness and peace is only a facade. A wonderful work!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Suz, thank you for your comments. 

      I agree, many people only pretend to be happy and don’t understand that it comes from inside, the way inner peace comes from within. There are so many who search their whole life for inner peace and happiness not knowing it doesn’t come from outward things that they need to look inwards.

  3. It is very important that in anything and everything we do, we should always pursue peace of mind, it is very important because it makes our lives worth living and it gives us thee joy needed. Inner peace as you’ve said is very essential, and I believe it helps you remain calm and also helps in discovering who you truly are.

    • I agree Bruce, it is very important to have peace of mind as it helps us to deal with everyday problems much better. We don’t get stressed by things that happen or if we do we can get past it more easily.

      Exactly right that it helps us to discover our true selves which is essential to living our best life.

      Thank you for reading and your insightful comments. 


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