My Story

Hello and Welcome to my website, my name is Linda

and this is my story.welcome

All my life I have been searching for something.

Even as a child I knew there was something more than I could see and hear.

I didn’t know what but still I knew there was more to life than what we see and hear.

I didn’t think we were here to just exist, to endlessly repeat our days mindlessly.


There was and is always the knowledge that we are all here for a reason. I read books, so many books! I attended classes, workshops, talked to people, had readings, aura photography and my knowledge grew. I meditated, learned yoga, Reiki, Tarot and many other spiritual ways and of course, all about energy.

I learnt it’s possible to heal ourselves and help others to heal. I learnt we all have spirit guides, a main one and a variety of others, that they come and go according to our needs.

I learnt that if we want help we have to ask and listen. That it’s not necessarily about hearing a voice, that the message can come via everyday things we often dismiss as coincidence.

I discovered the Law of Attraction, then over time, why it didn’t work very well for so many of us. That maybe we hadn’t heard the whole story …… that there is much more to it than making positive statements and that this could be why so many gave up on it.

Most of all on my journey through life, I learned how to be happy. happy   My StoryNot just now and again but all the time, well 98% of the time, I am am after all human. The happiness is often interspersed with bouts of sheer joy that bubble up out of nowhere and make me laugh out loud.

I was still a seeker of knowledge, still am and still yearning to know so much more.

I went to Mind/Body/Spirit fairs and spoke to  readers had more  aura readings and began to hear the same thing over and over.

“You should be sitting here in my place”  “You should be teaching what you know”

I didn’t have a clue how to do that and said so.

So for a while I moved away from that life mostly but not entirely. Still did online classes, read a bit here and there but mainly kept myself super busy with family.

An illness had me using my creativity once more and led me to online selling.  Then I set up a craft business. Over the years it has changed as my interests changed. I also decided I wanted it to be a proper business and support me.

So, another push from the Universe and I was made redundant from my job. It was the push I needed to make it my job. I love working from home and didn’t want to work for someone else again, so I made it work as a business that paid me a wage.

While I still love what I do, I wanted to do more, to be challenged more. A chance remark about being an influencer had me looking, searching and coming up blank.  Not one to give up I dug my heels in and kept going.

Eventually life, the universe, gave me another push in the right direction. I came across a great platform, after many disappointments and began to learn affiliate marketing. It taught me how to build a wordpress website, this one and others. I am still learning and will eventually add videos and do you tube.

Life got busier still, a growing family, grandchildren, a great grandchild, the craft business, learning about other ways of doing business and this one area took a back seat. But being online so much I got drawn back to it. This is my true calling. Helping others to transform their lives away from the treadmill, from boredom and from the continual wait for happiness.

I suspect many more than I realise continually say, I will be happy when ………. The goal being a far off dream of losing weight, getting a better job, actually ding a job you love, having a bigger house/car, better holidays/clothes/furniture and or life in general.

Sound familiar? Yes that was me too, years ago. Can you escape it? YES, you really can! Can you be happy a high percentage of the time? Yes of course!

So …… NOW it’s TIME!! Time for me to do what I have been told I should be doing. Teaching or showing the way to a better happier life, helping you to transform. Showing you the way to transformation of and in your life.

I will share what I have learnt over the past 44 years of active seeking.  I will share what worked for me but I always ask that you do what feels right for you. What resonates with you will help you the most. After all, we are all different, greatly diverse in knowledge, language, upbringing, outlook, culture and so much more. Our pasts and background shape much of the way we think, feel and react to different things too.

So come and learn to use your intuition, to stop and think how something makes you feel before you leap in. This is definitely NOT one size fits all.

Looking forward to the next stage of my journey and sharing it with you all.



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