YOU have always had the Power

Do you believe that? That you have power? Not only that but that you have always had the power!

I wrote that “you have always had the power” as a comment on a blog post. It was to say that recent achievements were her own doing because she had the power within her all along, only her doubts had held her back.

Did you ever see the Wizard of Oz? How many people understood the message that was right there in front of us?

From Psychology Today:

Definition of inner power written in 2018

  • Inner power is the quiet force within you that knows when to act and when to move and gives you the strength to do so.
  • This inner power is something we all have, but we need to learn how to tap into it in creative and effective ways in our daily life.

The simplified Story

Dorothy runs away with her little dog and gets caught up in a tornado. She gets deposited on the path(yellow brick road) and finds some friends along the way. The lion wants to find courage, the tin man wants a heart and the scarecrow wants a brain.

As they go along, overcoming obstacles and helping each other, they are acting as though they already have those things.Wizard of Oz. YOU have always had the Power

Dorothy just wants to get back to Kansas. They have to find the Emerald city to ask the Wizard of Oz for the things they want, that only he can grant, so they think.

However, when they get there they discover he is a fraud, a conman who cannot grant their wishes after all. But the tinman, lion and scarecrow realise they already have the things they most wanted.

Only Dorothy is distraught believing she cannot get home. The good witch in the story tells her she has to click her heels together and say, there is no place like home. Then the good witch points out that she had the power to do that all along.

The point? 

If you start acting like the person you want to become, behaving and thinking that way, brave, clever, kind etc, then you become that person because essentially you create your world with your thoughts and behaviour. That is essentially what happened to the Tinman, the Lion and the Scarecrow, they behaved as though they had the things they wanted most and manifested them.

Dorothy was happy for her friends, after all, they had been through together,  that their wishes had come true.

However, she was sad that she still had no idea how to get home. When the good witch told her what she needed to do, she finally understood that she had had the power to return home at any time, it had been inside her all along.

This is my opinion of the story. What do you think?

How is it relevant today?

We get so many subliminal messages, all the time, that are detrimental to our wellbeing. We take them in without realising it, via social media, television, newspapers, magazines, radio etc.

We read about the perfect life/size/family and are told what we need to achieve it. Which is of course, work harder and longer, buy bigger everything to stay in debt and stay in your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)

However, very often films do have these useful messages if you are open to them. They are trying to point us in the right direction.

We do have the power within us, much more than most people realise, mainly because for so many years we have been indoctrinated to believe otherwise.

Waking up

What is an Awakening or Waking up? It is seeing the reality of the world and gradually understanding that we DO create our world. That we are powerful creators in our own right.wake up to reality

For quite a long time now there have been many who have been waking up and gradually realising what has been going on. A ‘sleeping’ population that believes all they have been told, is kept on a wheel/cycle of merely existing and often struggling to do that, is easier to control than people who KNOW their own power.

When I was younger, the popular press used to label it as New Age in a denigrating way. Now though, over the last 20-40 years it has slowly increased in popularity. People want to know more about their own power, they want better lives and to enjoy their lives.

So now it has become a very big thing and it seems that every other person/guru in the field, has a ‘system’ that WILL work for you. Always check reviews and do your research before paying out your hard-earned cash.


We were always taught that you must get a job, that you stayed in until you retired. There was no expectation of enjoying the job, no expectation of earning enough to make a good living to really enjoy life. In case you were earning well, there was the constant ‘encouragement’ to buy bigger homes/cars, better furniture, appliances, clothes and other accouterments of success.

All of that, of course, kept us trapped in the cycle of work, eat, sleep, a constant treadmill with little time to think about escape.

What about now?

Sadly many children are still taught the same thing, even now. Children are guided toward a job rather than a career and those rather than being an entrepreneur. To many powers that be, being entrepreneurs means a lot of people thinking for themselves outside the mainstream thinking and not to be encouraged.

There are those who do though. Many CEOs admit they go with and trust their intuition not only on personal things but business-wise too.

There are big companies now, who are bringing together the best people they can find to encourage our growth, spiritually, mentally and physically.


Whether people want to believe it or not, we are all connected, to each other, the earth and the universe. we are all connected, in reality and spiritually. We are the HUMAN raceNow more than ever people try to stay connected via mobile phones, laptops, computers and the internet. WHY? because they want and need that connection because they still don’t understand that they are connected.

The problem there is that so many are addicted to their phones and are missing the real-life connections with their families and friends. It is very sad to see an entire family out for a meal, who don’t talk, they all sit there on their phones.

Like with everything in life, there is good and bad in the tech we own and the internet.

Why is this happening NOW!

Because the vibration of the planet is rising. You may or may not have heard this said. Those talking about it are on the increase as more people wake up.

We are moving away from the materialistic ways of the past with each person out for themselves.

Strangely the pandemic that could have separated us more with the isolation, social distancing and face masks, has actually brought us closer together. Communities helped one another, where a short time ago very few knew their neighbours, caught up in the eat, work, sleep cycle.

Unlikely people have stepped up and inspired so many to do what they can. In many cases, religious differences were set aside to help others despite their differing beliefs. It is wonderful to see.

Most of us have learnt to really appreciate the things we once took for granted, especially the people in our lives.

Gratitude makes a difference

More and more people are discovering the power of gratitude because they have learnt to appreciate everything that is good in their lives. Not just the big things but even the smallest things.

Being grateful makes them happier which raises their vibration and brings more good their way, essentially, more to be grateful for.

Finding the Power within

It is easy for people to say that you have always had the power but where is it?

It is right there inside you, waiting for the time you become more introspective and look within. How? With meditation usually or losing yourself in creativity. This again is where the pandemic has helped because lives have slowed down. Finding Your POWERThere was no rushing around frantically filling spare time going places to feel you made the most of the little spare time available. Life became slower, after the initial shock, many families talked more and became closer. There was more time to relax, learn, read and take up new hobbies, like yoga and meditation.

What happens?

When you see the world with new eyes, no longer via a screen of adverts, programmes, slanted news and fake news, you awaken. It feels strange. You realise that so much of what you believed was not real. You understand we are not separate, we are all connected and that gives power. Then you seek further, learn much and finally understand real power. YOUR power to create the life you want, in the world that you want.

It changes You

You no longer react to all those things that used to make you angry. You understand much of what you read on and offline is written in such a way as to incite your wrath. That statements made are meant to keep you in a state of anger, horror and fear to lower your vibration. Politicians no longer anger, you laugh, govts no longer create fear and anger, you just laugh because you know that change is coming and their time is short.

Now you see the bigger picture and understand that every person can make a difference

YOU have always had the Power

It waits patiently for you to realise it’s there. You have the power to create your life the way you want it to be, to step off life’s treadmill and be happy.

Stop reading newspapers and magazines, watching the news programmes and watching any television.

Walk in nature, do gardening, do yoga outside because being in nature brings peace and makes you feel good in general. It can be very de-stressing too.

Happiness isn’t something to strive for, it’s something you choose to be. If you start an early morning gratitude habit, you will feel more positive and happy. You have the power to do that.

Only YOU can make you happy. Not goods you buy, not other people, happiness like your power comes from within.

It’s always been there, waiting for you to wake up to what is real.


10 thoughts on “YOU have always had the Power”

  1. This is a very lovely article, thank you for sharing. It’s very true that we have the power to do whatever it is that we truly want inside of us, even if we don’t honestly realize it themselves until much later. A lot of the time, when you try to explain this to others, they find it unbelievable until their desires actually manifest. Then they finally understand. The Wizard of Oz is such a good example of this to. I will use it next time I explain LoA to anyone.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Rachel. Considering how old the film is it makes you realise that even, then some were trying to show others the way forward. 

      The trouble with the LOA is that they left important parts out. Which is a shame, as it made many give up on it, thinking it didn’t work.

      It is a good example to tell others. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful Wizard of Oz story that has such a profound meaning, and for bringing it closer to me again.
    I am one of those who are aware that the vibrations on our planet are changing, and that everything is happening to us for our highest good. It is true, we are the ones who have this power within us to shape and define our lives. Thank you for raising awareness and spreading awareness with this article and this wonderful website. It is important that we change ourselves for the better with our inner strength, but if we help someone else with our stories and messages, the world vibrates in lighter shades.
    I wish you all the best

    • Thank you Nina, I appreciate your kind and wise words. We do have a duty to pass the message on to help others awaken. The more that do, the more we help the planet and ourselves.

      The changing energies can make it tough for some, I hope you are sailing through it with ease.

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. I like this topic very much. We all have courage and strength within us but we have to believe that we possess it to put it into practice. Sometimes it can as with Dorothy happen simply by clicking our feet together. Or sometimes it can take a lot longer to find.

    Gratitude can certainly help and sometimes the realisation that we have more than we were actually fully aware of helps a great deal.

    • I agree Mike, we do. Even Dorothy had to go through many trials before finding her power.

      I think gratitude starts us along the path to discovering who we really are and what we are capable off.

      Thank you for commenting.

  4. I do believe we all have inner powers to do many major things. Steve Jobs didn’t just woke up and created Apple, it took him time, knowledge and most importantly the will.

    We have inside of us the will to do many things, if we just believe and motivate ourselves. I never knew anything about Affiliate marketing, but now I know a lot.

    Motivated my self to learn more and progress.

    • That’s what it’s all about, finding the desire and the will to succeed regardless. When we are getting it right we get in the flow and good things happen.

      I was the same, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing but I love it. Motivating yourself and overcoming the bumps leads to success.

      Thank you for commenting.

  5. You are correct that we all have the power to become who we aspire to be in life. The sky can only be the limit! A blogging buddy shared an experience that he’s been in the employment of teaching college students for more than 20 years with nothing to show for it. He stopped teaching and turned into an entrepreneur, and he was able to achieve lots of success within a 48 months period.

    So, if he hadn’t used his power intelligently, he would have remained in a job that made his life so miserable and wouldn’t have ever realized he could make a great fortune being an entrepreneur.

    • Sometimes we go into jobs that don’t suit us, mainly because we aren’t encouraged to be entrepreneurs while at school. I am very glad your friend found success like he did. 

      It is when we look at our life properly and realise we aren’t happy that we create change.

      Thank you for commenting Joyce.


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