Am I Good Enough

Marisa Peer is an internationally acclaimed therapist. She has helped many people overcome issues that hold them back from living their best life.

Am I good enough? Is this something you ask yourself? Or maybe you don’t think about it, just feel that you aren’t good enough. This is a big block that holds many people back throughout their lives, often causing other issues too.

I firmly believe that overcoming issues such as lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, anxiety and so much more is the way to a better life.

Why do I think that? Because I have taken 2 of Marisa’s courses so far and can attest to how good they are. I also firmly believe they can change lives for the better.

What can it do?               

Develop An Unshakeable Confidence To Live Your Best Life As You Embark On An Eight-Step ‘I Am Enough’ Transformation To Experience Phenomenal Success.

A Hypnotherapy course by Marisa Peer.

This has helped so many people to move forward with their lives.

So many people don’t feel they aren’t good enough and not worthy enough to have a good life, to enjoy a happy, successful life.

We are ALL Enough!

A favourite saying of mine is: “We are all perfect in our own unique way.”

The grandchildren used to roll their eyes as did other family members but it is true. It doesn’t matter how tall, short, fat or thin we are, each of us is still perfect in our own unique way.

No one else can be us, each of us is unique and only we can be ourselves.  WE should all embrace the diversity on this planet and encourage ourselves as much as we do others.

From Marisa’s website:

I AM ENOUGH  I am enough. Transformational Hypnotherapy an Excellent Resource

  • Have you ever caught yourself wishing you had higher self-esteem, more confidence, more love, or more prosperity in your life?
  • You’re not alone, but today you can change that.
  • When you know that you are enough, everyone around you will know that you are enough too.
  • Marisa Peer’s award-winning ‘I Am Enough’ program is designed to help you massively increase your own sense of self-worth so that you like yourself, feel good about yourself and believe in yourself. Whilst becoming permanently free from self-sabotage and self-destructive thoughts and behaviours.
  • Using proven techniques, ‘I Am Enough’ changes you on a personal level to make a deep and lasting impact on how you feel about you and how others feel about you. When you know that you are enough you are able to live a happy, motivated and confident life, not just sometimes but all of the time.
  • Taught over eight modules covering everything from confidence and success to relationships and wealth, ‘I Am Enough’ is your companion on your journey to phenomenal success.

Why is it Life ChangingWant to change your life? Am I Good Enough

In recent years personal development has appeared everywhere, with books and courses, some mediocre, some good and a very few that are excellent.

When we start waking up to reality, we tend to look around and wonder why our lives aren’t as successful as others. Why other people are happy and we aren’t or at least only in short bursts.

Once we start researching eventually we realise that from childhood onwards we pick up blocks or limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Marisa Peer understanding this has developed the ‘I Am Enough’ programme to help overcome these and help you move forward with a positive outlook. It’s amazing how your life starts moving forwards once these are gone.

Invest in Yourself

We readily spend money on things to make us look better on the outside, creams, lotions, cosmetics and clothes, without considering that inner work would do the same with a lasting effect rather than a temporary fix.Invest in yourself

Isn’t it time to love and like yourself enough to invest in yourself and take the steps towards a better life?

This is Personal Development at its best.

The course also includes:

  • 8 powerful “regression” sessions that will help you uncover and unplug the blocks in your beliefs and habits (which hold you back in all areas of your life). 

That alone is life changing without everything else this course does.

Wouldn’t you like to invest in YOU for a lasting change rather than material things that give a temporary fix?

What do you get?

Full access for your lifetime to the program with 8 in depth video lessons.

As above, 8 regression sessions.

8 Hypnosis audios.

Lifetime access to the private Facebook group for ‘I Am Enough’ members.

Plus a downloadable book to document your transformational journey through the course.

Then as if that wasn’t already enough, you get these amazing bonuses too.

Bonuses that come with the course

From Maria Peer’s website


Is it worth it?

Of course it is. There is phenomenal value in what you receive for your money without the priceless value it brings to your life.

A course like this is life changing. Too many people walk around either knowingly or unknowingly of this major block to living the best life they can and are meant to live.

Do you really want to live your whole life asking: ‘Am I good enough?’

Isn’t it more forward thinking to consider options, if your life isn’t where you want it to be? If somehow success continues to elude you yet you are doing everything right.

What is success? A life filled with love and happiness, being in the flow of life where everything falls into place.New life


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