Your Energy and Vibration

Having discussions about the beliefs you have with other like minded people can move you forwards in leaps and bounds along your path. This can help you raise your energy and vibration as you learn more. The trick is to keep an open mind.

What do I mean?

Well, I had a conversation with two other people I am close with. We were just chatting and the conversation ranged over different subjects then turned to believing in God. One believed wholeheartedly due to an event many years before.

I and the other person said no but we believed in a greater power of some sort. I always think of this as ‘Source’. Where we come from and return to. I said I thought of it as a sea of souls where all knowledge past present and future dwells.

The other non believer had not heard of it put like that and considered it had its merits.

I also said that being the ‘Source’ of knowledge people could tap into it in the right conditions to find answers or take leaps in understanding a problem.

How does that work?

Think of Thomas Edison:

From the Smithsonian Magazine

  • Edison once said, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.

He apparently said that he would take a short nap and answers would come to him. Nowadays we call that a power nap.

Many also find that same connection in meditation.

I believe that ‘Source’ has a high vibration that we can tap into when our vibration matches it. Some can do that with very little effort others seek the same ability but only manage to do so sporadically.

What is Vibration?Your Energy and Vibration

From Google:

  • The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. … Being in a higher vibration is going to become more and more important to you and the rest of the world as we experience greater awareness of the polarities between the lower and higher vibrations.

From The Wisdom

  • The Law of Vibration may not be as famous as the Law of Attraction, however, the Law of Vibration is the foundation for how the Law of Attraction works. And to understand the Law of Vibration, we have to understand that everything in this world is made of energy. The trees, the air you breathe in, your car, the table, your smartphone, animals such as dogs, cats, squirrels, and even your body are made of energies.

So now we know that everything and everybody has energy and the energy vibrates. The aim for those of us awakened is to raise our energy to a high vibration.

Why do we need to raise our vibration?

We all know those people that everything seems to come to easily. Those that are always happy and bubbling over with the joy of living, that nothing seems to bother.

Why and how are they like that? They are living at a higher vibration. The Law of Attraction might have been based on the Law of Vibration but it left out vital parts that could have helped many more become successful at manifesting. It dwelt more on being positive and doing affirmations etc.

The trouble there is, you can do affirmations from morning till night but it won’t do the job of bringing what you want. Because if your energy isn’t operating at the right level you won’t have the vibration to attract those things you desire.

So how do you raise your vibration?

Now that can take some time and effort.Live your truth

How long depends upon the level you start from, how long you have been on your spiritual journey and how much knowledge you have acquired. Some times it’s slow going and in this age of instant gratification puts people off.

Sometimes though you do a course or read something that really propels you forward. It gives light bulb moments that stop you in your tracks and suddenly brings everything you have learnt up to that moment together.

As a serious seeker you will or maybe already have found that what you need to know comes along when you are ready.

My experiences

I would go to a bookshop or library not really knowing what I was looking for but would suddenly be drawn to a particular book. I have literally had books fall off the shelf  in front of me and know that was something I needed to read.

Once though I bought a book but every time I opened it, just could not read it. If I tried to read it I would feel nauseous. It was very disconcerting. Yet a year on I rediscovered it and read it from cover to cover. It really added to my knowledge at that time but I realised I hadn’t been ready for it a year before, I didn’t know enough.

It’s so much easier now with all the information online and the whole subject being so much more open now.

When I began nobody talked about spiritual matters, energy or vibration and chakras. Even yoga wasn’t something much talked about in the mainstream.

How do you move forwards?

There are many practices to help you that are better understood now.

Learn more. Read books, blogs and learn from others.

Learn to trust your Intuition. That gut feeling that says yes or no. That feeling that many override to their detriment. Tune into your body and listen to it.Gratitude can change your life

Practice  Gratitude on a daily basis. The more grateful you are the more you will have to be grateful for.

Try meditating. Not for hours a day, no one has that sort of spare time. Even ten minutes is better than none. You don’t need to go through certain steps. Many go into the zone just by walking in nature, sitting on public transport or just quietly on your own in a chair. Let thoughts come and go and focus on your breathing.

Be kind to others. Help others when you can just because you can.

Try to keep your thoughts positive

Those are a good start for now.

Keep Going

Your journey will slow down and speed up in turn. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Yes, life will get in the way at times but do your best to keep moving forward. Go back to it if you stop altogether for any reason.

It has happened to me but then the universe will give me a push to ensure I am where I am meant to be.

Once you become more tuned in, you will often get little nudges in the right direction. Those coincidences that happen? Really aren’t.

The rewards are great for those who continue. You really can have the life you want, all you have to do is make the effort to get to that point.


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6 thoughts on “Your Energy and Vibration”

  1. Hi there! This is a very inspiring article. Many people have to take their time to go through articles like this because they are really helpful and motivating. Mine came just at the right time when. There is this project I have been working on for some time now and about giving up but after reading this article I have more reasons not to give up. Thank you for this 

    • I am glad it helped you David and that you didn’t give up on your project.

      Very pleased you found it inspiring.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. This is a very lovely write up on one’s energy and vibration. It sounds spiritual to some people when ever I mention the fact that we all have different vibrations, positive or negative. They find it hard to believe me some times. But thanks for this well written article, I have something to share so they can read and get to understand me better.

    • Next time someone says they don’t believe you Kelvin, tell them to look it up. Scientists say we all have an electrical field, that every living thing does. So its a fact.

      You can actually train yourself to see it too. 

      Glad you enjoyed the article, thank you for your comments.

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing and mind blowing article it was insightful thoughtful and genius, the human mind as always been a great tool and the powerful, which I believe could be amplified to do anything even the impossible, and our belief becomes our reality. The energy could be more amplified though mediation and a strong and right mind set.

    • You are welcome. 

      I agree the mind is very powerful and with the right tools can increase our energy exponentially.

      Thank you for your comments. 


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