Being Happy Can Improve Your Health

So how do we define Happy or being Happy and how is it that being happy can improve your health? Lets face it happy is a state we all strive to be in because it feels good and now let’s find out what else it does.

Definition of HAPPY from the Cambridge Dictionary:

  • a feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or satisfaction:
  • Happy is used as a polite way to express your willingness to do something:
  • Happy is also used in greetings for special occasions, expressing good wishes:

Encourages Healthy Living

Happiness is important because when we feel good we want to eat more healthily. Many studies indicate that happiness plays a major role in your health, whether it’s living a healthy lifestyle or reducing the amount of chronic pain – happiness is the solution to many health woes.

According to studies, happier people are almost twice as likely to eat more fresh vegetables than people who state that they are not happy. Eating less processed food and more fresh food will improve overall health.

When you tend to eat better, you tend to end up with more energy. It’s hard to imagine it but being negative or sad can literally drain your energy out of your body while being happy can give you more energy.

Boosts Immunity and Lessens StressBeing Happy Can Improve Your Health

With improved energy and feeling happy, your ability to fight off illness and disease improves because it increases your immunity. A study showed that happy people have the ability to recover from illness faster than people who report sadness. They literally gave people the cold virus and the happy people were three times less likely to get the cold.

If you’re happy, you’ll have a lot less to keep you up at night, to worry about, and therefore you’ll end up with less stress. However, it goes farther than that because happy people tend to report less stress even when they are facing stressful things. Due to being happy, you’ll experience less stress because of improved mental health too.

Protects your Heart and Increases Longevity

More energy means you move more because you’re eating better and this helps to protect your heart. You’re less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or other issues related to heart health and the cardiovascular system because you are fitter.

Because you’re eating right, exercising more, and you’re feeling great about life, you will likely live longer. According to one long-term study that tracked the lives of 32,000 people to find out who lived longer, the people who report happiness, or the people who report being less happy. Unsurprisingly the happy people usually live up to 14 percent longer.

Reduces Pain

Chronic pain is very debilitating and obviously that can bring you down and make you feel depressed. However, the fact is people who report being happy tend to deal with their chronic pain (and other illness) better than those who were not happy to start with.

When you are happy, you’re more likely to eat right, drink enough water, and move. It’s mostly because you have more energy to do active things. If you are having difficulty maintaining your happiness, learn how easy it is to change your mindset. Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances but everything to do with how you choose to react to them.

Happiness Is More Than Thinking Positive Thoughts

Happiness or being happy is different for different people depending on the situation. Happiness is a state of mind

Being happy can transform your life.

Your Needs are Met

When a person is happy, they usually don’t even have any needs that aren’t being met to the level they want them to be met. It doesn’t mean that someone is not having a hard time it’s all about how you make what you have fill your needs.

You Feel Satisfaction 

When you are happy their is an overall tendency to feel satisfaction with life in general. You think about your life and feel good about it. You feel very satisfied when you look around your life and see all the fortune you have whether it’s where you live, who you live with, or just about yourself doesn’t even matter.

You are Contented and Peaceful

A happy person is a lot more contented with their life in general. Including about their job, home, health and relationships because nothing is niggling at their mind about anything causing stress. However happy people do have stressful times but they are better at dealing with it and can shrug it off more easily.

Being happy also brings a feeling of general peace with their surroundings, life and family. They tend to know that everything will turn out okay and are good at turning negativity around to positivity.

How you define being Happy

The truth is everyone defines being happy differently. Find Joy

The truth is that being happy is not reliant upon outside circumstances, though they can make you feel happier. It’s not about material things or a particular relationship or being a certain size. All of those can be uplifting but they dan’t make you happy by themselves.

Being happy comes from inside you. It is something you choose to be.

Your Journey

Happiness is not something you find one day unexpectedly.  It’s a journey to discover yourself, to learn to like and love the person you are. Not the person you want to be at some indeterminate time in the future but right now, exactly as you are. The real you.

You have it in your power to be happy where you are in your life right now.

Think I’m joking?  Trust me, it’s real. You really can be happy 98% of the time. Why only 98%? Because we are only human and things other human beings do, if we watch or read world news can knock us sideways for a few minutes.

Being Happy

It is possible to be happy most of the time mixed in with minutes of pure absolute joy. A feeling that wells up from deep inside, that takes your breathe away and makes you smile or even laugh out loud with the sheer joy of living.

When you find that place that happiness comes from everything in your life seems to flow more easily. Yes there will be irritants but it’s much easier to regain your equilibrium if you are happy. It’s easier to shrug it off and go back to being your usual sunny self.Finf your happiness voice and passion

You will find you laugh more, increasing happiness and those around you are infected and become happier too. That feeling will bring peace and calmness to your life. But paradoxically you also remember how to have fun.

YES, adults can have fun too. In fact they should have fun. Being happy makes you look and feel younger.

I find I sing often without realising I’m doing it. Being happy is freeing, you no longer care what other people think or feel confined by social constraints.

I now have purple, blue and green hair and I love it. It makes me smile everytime I catch sight of it. It makes others smile too. I know because I often hear strangers say “I love your hair”. I thank them and say me too.

It’s wonderful to be happy and spread happiness around to others. The world needs more happiness and you need to find YOURS! It’s your birthright!


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6 thoughts on “Being Happy Can Improve Your Health”

  1. I loved this post! I used to chase money and success and on paper, I had the perfect life, but inside I felt very dissatisfied and had little time to spend with family and friends, plus my health was failing from long hours in the office. It took my health failing for me to realise that there is so much more to life, and how important it is to determine what really makes you happy and to free up time to do more of that.

    • Thank you Emma. 

      The funny thing is, that once you are enjoying life and you are happy, it seems as though every aspect of your life improves a lot.

      We are taught that a good job and money are more important than anything. It takes failing health or something else that makes us realise that health and happiness are more important.

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for commenting.

  2. As an individual, I believe being happy can improve your wellness and health , in which this is very important in your day to day living , In a part of one study , it was made known that happier tends to eat healthy than the unhappy people, eating less processed food will improve your health status greatly. I  really gained a lot of knowledge reading his article, I will highly recommend it to friends and family.

    • Very pleased you learned useful information from this post Jack 

      Happiness really does improve all aspects of your life, I agree.

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. Wow, being happy is truly a state of healthiness and I also agree that being happy goes beyond just having a positive mind. From this, I see that there are different positives to being happy and one that I am most interested in is the fact that it can help me reduce stress. That is one thing I’ve been having to battle for a while now. But with what I’ve learnt here, everything just gets better for me.

    • Happiness really does improve all aspects of your life Jackie, I agree. Once you practice gratitude regularly it makes you feel happier. Try it when you feel stressed. Stop and think of things you are grateful for in your life, friends, family, somewhere to live, food to eat etc. The more things you think of, the more that spring to mind.  It is also a good way to start the day as stress then takes a backseat to feeling happy.

      Very pleased you found this information helpful Jackie. Thank you for commenting.


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