Wishing for a Better Year in 2021

This verse and others like it have been given to me to share, for wishing for a better year in 2021, for everyone around the globe.

As more awaken and bring more light it grows brighter to bring a better future.


Happy 2021. Wishing for a better year in 2021

The Pandemic took so much this year

and made so many live in fear.

There was a gloom across the land

But we know and understand

The virus was blighting lives

we kept safe, so everyone thrives.

Now the end is finally in sight,

the scientists fought the good fight.

They solved the puzzle, won through

here comes the vaccine for me and you.

So raise a glass to the good news

it will bring normality, whatever your views.

Once more we face a future that’s bright

Happy New Year, let’s let in the LIGHT!




This is a good time to find that Attitude of Gratitude to

help you through this time.






Another Verse on Hearing the News!

Once more the lockdown is backHelp each other

And we all feel the lack

of spending time with family

It seems yet another calamity

In this ongoing separation

With many feeling desperation.

STOP a minute, breathe, WAIT!

We can still decide our fate.

Freedom is a state of mind

It’s within, I think you’ll find.

Happiness is in there too

It’s right there waiting for you.

Everything always moves past

Good or bad it doesn’t last.

The magic is still there you know

as the twinkling lights glow.

You can see it if you choose

Look hard, what have you got to lose?



What now!

Trying to bring a little light back into a world that seems as though it will never fight its way out of this Pandemic.

We will get through this and come out of it better than before, we just need to stay strong. To help one another as much as we can. Even a smile or a hello can make a big difference to someone alone. Hold the light and lead the way.

Offer help if someone can’t get out. This has happened so much during 2020.

Yes, there was a lot of bad but there was also a lot of good. People came together, communities got to know each other and many brightened the lives of those around them.

Learn something new, get out in nature, facetime, and zoom with friends and family. Connect and reconnect, hold each other close virtually until we can hold each other in reality.


Wishing for a better year in 2021.



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