What is The Sedona Method and the 5 Questions

So, what is the Sedona method and the 5 questions, what does it do and how does it work? Have you heard of it before? I had heard of but a long time ago now.
It wasn’t something that resonated with me at that time. I figure now, that I needed to learn other stuff first.

Who created it?

The Sedona method was created by a man called Lester Levenson. In 1952, despite being a successful entrepreneur and a physicist, Lester was in poor health man and very unhappy at the age of only 42 years old.

His health problems included depression, kidney stones, an enlarged liver, problems with his spleen, hyperacidity, and ulcers that had perforated his stomach causing ulcers. He was so unhealthy after his second heart attack that his doctors sent him home to die.

Luckily for Lester, he was a man who loved and enjoyed challenges. He didn’t give up and wait for death he decided to fight it by going within. His determination and total focus meant that he was able to cut through his conscious mind and find what he needed.

What he found was an amazing tool for personal growth. He discovered a way of letting go of all his inner limitations. Excited by his discovery, he used it intensively for 3 months. By the end of the 3 months, his body had become completely healthy again,  he also found a profound peace, that never left him until the day he died on January 18, 1994.  Not a bad lifespan for one who had been given 3 months to live 42 years earlier.

What is it?

A way of letting go of feelings, emotions and anything really, that limits us. It certainly seems to be a straightforward and almost simple method. I imagine many pass it over feeling that something this simple could not bring change so quickly or a change that lasts.Letting go

Funny really that we all look for something that is simple and easy to do and use, yet when we find it, we are convinced it won’t work.

From Lester Levenson

  • “In realizing how much I wanted to change things in this world, I saw how it made me a slave of this world; I made the decision to reverse that. And in the process of following out these two directions–actually unloading all the subconscious concepts and pressures in those directions–I discovered I was getting happier, freer, lighter, and feeling better in general.”
  • “When we get in tune, our capacity to love is so extreme that we love everyone with an extreme intensity that makes living the most delightful it could ever be.”

Here is one of the videos I have watched on YouTube


Below is the transcript of the video for those that prefer to read rather than watch.

So I’m, going to demonstrate some of the basic steps involved in letting go and after we’ve done a little bit of that. We’ll open the floor to questions, sharing and assistance. So the first way of letting go is simply choosing to let it go, and with that, we use a set of very simple questions.

The first question is:

Could you let it go and if you were able to drop that object a few moments ago, which I noticed, everyone in this room succeeded in doing and i’ll trust you, those of you at home.

I’m sure you could drop a pen or a pencil too, but what you’ll find is, if that you were able to do that, and you’re, like the hundreds of thousands of people, soon millions of people Around the world who are doing this, you’ll find that you can let go of even long-standing issues too.

By simply deciding to so. The first question is, could you let it go?

The second question is:

Would you let it go and would you, just means, are you willing to. If you’re ever struggling on your own, you can ask yourself, would I rather hold on to this feeling or this pain or the suffering or would I rather be free of it? If you’d rather be free of it, you’ll find that just in that knowing, that you’d rather be free, it starts to let go all by itself.

The last question is;

When and when is an invitation to decide to do it now and so the questions again are, could you let it go, would you let it go and when? Now I know those questions are incredibly simple, but part of the reason they’re as powerful as they are, is that truth is simple. If it was complicated, everyone would understand it. We tend to complicate things way more than we need to and so be open to the possibility that, right here right now, you can be free of whatever it is that you’re holding on to and as we do these questions together, please simply do your best to work from here as opposed to here.

In other words, as best you can follow your heart as opposed to your head, do you have to abandon your head? No! Is your head necessarily going to try to help, even though you’re trying to follow your heart? Yes, and that’s.

Yes or No AnswersYes or No. What is The Sedona Method and the 5 Questions

Okay and the other thing is, as you answer these questions, it’s not important how you answer them, yes or no are both acceptable answers. Most of us think that you have to say yes when someone asks you this type of question but you don’t, you can say yes or no and you still get equal benefit.

So, just for those of you who are doubting that a little bit, everybody say yes. No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! What’s the difference? It’s just a sound, so just be honest with yourself and avoid debate as best you can and remember that yes or no are both acceptable answers.

Focus inside.

So allow yourself to focus inside. By the way, you don’t have to get set to do this unless you want to a lot of people think that they have to assume a particular position in order to release, but this is something you can do anywhere anytime.

You don’t have to assume any particular position and by the way, you can do this with eyes open or eyes closed. However, you prefer, whichever works best for you and I would highly recommend that you experiment with both doing this with eyes, open and with eyes closed.

Getting Started

Let yourself think of an issue in your life that you’ve been wanting to change or improve or think of an issue about the planet that you’ve been wanting to change or improve and in this moment, could you just simply welcome how you feel?

Could you just let it be here and then as best you can, could you let it go just, could you would you when and focus on that same issue or some other issue that you’ve, been wanting to change or improve, and could you Just simply welcome, however, you feel, could you let it be here and then as best you can just for now? Could you let it go just? Could you when now, if your mind is still struggling a little bit that’s totally okay, too?

So again, in this moment, could you just simply welcome how you feel? Just let it be here and then as best you can just for now, could you let it go? Could you, would you, when, now? If you were doing this on your own, you would continue to ask these questions, as long as you felt you needed to, until you got the relief you were looking for. Now again, I know these questions are incredibly simple.

Just last weekend I was leading a seminar and a woman came up to me and said I have I had this lifelong fear of I can’t, remember which phobia it was. I hear about it all the time, but she had this lifelong fear and she said just from listening to the simple process and working with it, not even that much doing it our own, just listening to it a few times and releasing, that lifelong fear completely dissolved.

So I highly encourage you to not discount these basic tools. This basic fact to remember is that feelings are just feelings, they’re not facts and they’re not you and you can let them go.

———————————————————-what are the questions

So the 5 questions are!

The first is: by choosing to let go of the unwanted feeling.
The second: is to welcome the feeling, to allow the emotion just to be.
The third: is to dive into the very core of the emotion.
The fourth: is by dissolving the opposing polarities we all carry
And the fifth: is by seeing through the feeling to the effortless Awareness that is behind it.


This method won’t resonate with everyone, mainly because I doubt there is a method anywhere, that everyone agrees is just right. Each of us is on our own path, moving at the rate that is right for us. Our energy vibrates at different rates, so we resonate with different things, which is quite normal.

Sometimes we try something that does not feel right at all, then later, sometimes weeks, months or even years on, we rediscover it and it resonates perfectly.

This is a very simple method but it works for many. Give it a try and see what happens.

Did you find this helpful, did I answer the questions for you, What is The Sedona Method and the 5 Questions? Do you know more now than when you started reading?

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