The Amazing Power of Transformation

Let’s find out what transformation actually is first, then we can discover the amazing power of transformation.

Transformation is a word we hear a lot about these days. Everyone is trying to transform something.

From the Cambridge Dictionary:

  • a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that, that thing or person is improved:

Well that sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it?

How do we make the change?

Let’s just say here that for the type of transformation we are talking about, it doesn’t mean rushing out and having surgery or fillers/botox or anything like that.

Here we are talking about the transformation of the inner you that brings about a transformation in the outer you. Does that make sense? It is more of a journey than rushing to a destination.Change the inner you. the amazing power of transformation

it is a process of finding what works for you, using what resonates with you and discarding anything that doesn’t feel right. We all have intuition, our gut instinct, but we often ignore it and plough ahead regardless.

Your journey will include learning to trust your intuition, the more you use it the better it will be.

What about Guru’s?

I personally do not believe in so called Guru’s. They are just people who have been on their path/journey, longer than you have.  Yes, they may have more knowledge than you but it depends on whether it is useful to you.
I have seen such things as them insisting people meditate for hours every day and complete courses they have created because only theirs will bring about the required changes.
Anyone that insists only their way is correct is doing their followers a disservice. We are all different and take onboard the knowledge in different ways, plus what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Always do research and listen to your intuition. Don’t jump into anything without thinking about it first. Check what’s being offered, consider whether it’s what you need at this time, give yourself some time to consider all aspects and whether it really resonates with you. That way you shouldn’t go far wrong.

It’s easier now!

When I began my journey over 45 years ago there wasn’t much information about on awakening, spiritual pathways and intuition. I had no idea what I was looking for, just knew that there was so much to life than all the stuff the media fed to us. The life we were supposed to have was confining and kept people in boxes which seemed wrong to me.

Now though it is a mainstream subject with information coming at you from every direction. Some of it paints a great picture of the way your life should be without real information that helps you move forwards. Instead products get pushed at you as the perfect way to accelerate you to the next level.

There are excellent books, online and offline courses and workshops available but if you aren’t ready for it, it won’t help much.

Over the years I have done some amazing workshops and courses and read books that gave me fantastic lightbulb moments. Sometimes you get times where you just move forwards slowly for ages, then some knowledge will be offered that makes sense of everything you have done to that point. I think of those as expansion times because it feels like you have a massive knowledge increase and greater depths of understanding as all you have learnt is integrated.

How do you get started?Start each day with a grateful heart

I would say that you already have. Something has made you start looking or maybe you have been looking for a while without knowing why or what you need to know.

Generally, it starts with an awareness that there is more to life than the way you are living. Sometimes everything will just seem alien to you, nothing feels right anymore and you feel as though you no longer fit in your life.

Both are quite common and it’s called an awakening. It means you have woken up to reality.

There are steps you can take to help your journey. If you are hoping for a quick fix it’s not going to happen. You cant read a blog post, a book or take a single course to be magically transformed.

You have to keep it up. The changes will be gradual and you will think nothing is happening or you will think the changes would have happened anyway and dismiss your progress.

The main things that stayed with me


Energy & Vibration

Law of Attraction

Law of Abundance

Magic & Flow

Being Positive

Our thoughts create our life transformation




Motivation & Purpose

Limiting Beliefs

Personal Development

Self Care

I have explored several of these topics already just click on each one to go to the post. The others are under way.

Why isn’t there a quick fix? 

Because for anything worthwhile there never is. Want to lose weight? It takes months or years. Start going to a gym or exercising to tone your body, same again. With both of those you then have to keep the work up, if you let it slide, you go right back to where you were.

It works pretty much the same for most things in life.

Though actually, now I think about it, there is a faster way forward. It’s not that easy but some find it easier than others. Most get to this state by taking the other steps one at a time.

What is it?

I call it…….

The Magical Flow State

Have you ever had a feeling, for a moment, minutes or more where everything seemed right! I wanted to say perfect but there is no real perfect, only imperfectly perfect.Magical flow

This feeling is surreal. For me, I suddenly feel taller, the world is brighter and everything goes well. All I need flows to me, my world flows with harmony and lightness. If there was a perfection, that would be it.

It’s magical, you feel pure joy, happiness sparkles, problems and worries fade away and you know that whatever you want will be forthcoming.

How do you Reach That State?

You work on yourself bit by bit until you begin to change become who you were truly meant to be. As you work on yourself, you raise your vibration, the energy that surrounds and infuses you.

You don’t really notice it happening as you and your life gradually become happier. Money is no longer a problem, you love your work and your life and you don’t realise how much has changed until you look back. Then you wonder how that happened, why you weren’t conscious of it happening at the time.

Then you realise there is more and you keep walking along that path, searching, not knowing what for. Then you find clues, hear about new ideas, new ways to get where you want to be. You need to avoid the fakes but now you know that your intuition will steer you in the right direction if you listen and pay heed to any warnings.

Does it ever End?


Self development or personal development is an ongoing thing. We continue to improve ourselves, to learn and grow but its gradual. Then when we look back we can see how far we have come and how different our lives have become. Very often we cannot pinpoint a particular time that changes occurred, it all tends to happen so gradually and naturally. It’s only looking back that makes us understand that all we have done and are still doing, really work.

The best part is that you realise how happy you are and how amazing your life has become.

Will it be perfect? 


Why? Because we are human.

I don’t believe that there is such a thing as perfection, mainly because we are human, with different ideals and beliefs etc. The media constantly tells us we have to improve everything to become perfect, to have a perfect home, family and life.

But a one size fits all perfection doesn’t and cannot work, essentially because we are all individuals. What you would call perfect, say in a room, the decor, way it’s set out and the colour theme, I might look at and think it’s awful. What one person loves another thinks is awful and vice versa.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that perfect could get boring quite quickly.

Things I have Learnt!

There is no such thing as a standard for perfection.

Learn to use your intuition, it will save you a lot of time and effort.Use your intuition

Some things won’t feel right for you, if it doesn’t resonate with you, then don’t go that way, look for something that does.

Don’t think you have to do everything at once. Start with one thing and the steps will appear as you need them. When you are heading in the right direction it isn’t hard work.

Fun and laughter is good for you and an important part of your journey.

Happiness is your birthright. We weren’t meant to be tied to a hamster wheel of eat, sleep, work, repeat. When the powers that be keep you tied to a treadmill it’s because they don’t want you to realise what is really important.

The universe is abundant and giving, there is more than enough for everyone. Sadly we get indoctrinated into a scarcity mindset.


Life is for living, doing work you enjoy and love. Life is meant to be happy and filled with laughter.

You will always get the negative nellies who try to bring everyone down to their unhappy level. However, with the right armour, their arrows bounce right off.

The right armour in every situation is gratitude, confidence and happiness. These all happen as you grow as a person and spirit.

If you start with the gratitude habit alone, your life will seem so much better.

I wish you a wonderful journey to your own amazing and happy life. It won’t happen all at once. Sometimes real life takes over until the universe nudges you back onto your path. It’s alternately learning and then resting from the learning to integrate the new knowledge.

Deciding to start your journey and taking those first steps is the best decision you will ever make. If you are already on your path, I salute you for taking responsibility for your life and happiness into your own hands.


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Power of Transformation”

  1. Good day, I’m pleased to come across this important information. Everyone needs ways to transform their lives for the better, that one is for sure. Feeling the amazing power of transformation is awe-inspiring, and I like that part where we should learn to trust our intuition for the better. This is a piece of very helpful information, thank you.

    • Thank you for your comments. Many CEO’s of big companies admit now that they rely on their intuition and would not have got where they are without it. Many openly espouse using these methods to help their businesses as well as improve their lives. 

  2. You are right when you talk about gurus. A  guru should be aware of the capacities of his apprentice. We have to remember that the relation with a master should be mutual.

    In other words, the guru will test you. And you, the apprentice will test the guru to see if he’s real.

    About the transformation, again, I’m to agree with you. It will never stop. But I do not think that it’s because we are human so to speak. It’s because that’s what we are: the possibility to express that development that magnitude. But this possibility will be actualized only with our decision to make that thing happen.

    • Thank you for your comments Jo. I think too many ‘Guru’s’ believe their own hype. For me, they are to be avoided.

      I agree, its not just because we are human, spiritual growth continues for many lifetimes.


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