How to Survive Christmas

Covid Christmas 2020

Its been an awful year, I think we can all agree on that.  Christmas though was going to make up for it. Instead, we have a Covid Christmas for 2020 with many rules and regulations.

Back in the summer, we knew the pandemic was going to be a distant memory by Christmas. Life would be back to normal and we would be joking about the queueing and shortages.

But no, it wasn’t to be. The Covid-19 virus is still with us. Apparently, the powers that be had no idea it would mutate. Odd really as it is a cold virus and they mutate constantly as do flu viruses.

So we just have to know how to survive christmas with restrictions and still keep the magic and enjoy it too.

Lockdowns and restrictionsLockdown

I am not going to dwell on this much, after all we are all going through it and know what it is like. There also seems to be no end in sight but of course it will end!

Here in the UK we had a lockdown to make way for Christmas. The idea was was it would bring the numbers down and Christmas would be saved.

Didn’t quite happen like that of course. First came the carrot of 5 days, then with less than a week to go we are told we have 1 day only!

All those that intended to travel to see loved ones could no longer do so!

The GOOD Stuff

I have to say there were so many heartwarming stories over the last year as well as the bad. Communities rallied round one another and neighbour helped neighbour. Facebook pages formed communities to help others out, whether with advice on coping, passing on toys freely to give children a variety to play with, ideas to amuse children and helping those who couldn’t get out.

I know of people that made masks and gave the proceeds to charity. Young children who bought things with their pocket money to give to elderly neighbours. Elderly people who walked a lot to raise money for the NHS, Captain Tom was a prime example, along with many others.

Our local news channel made an effort to bring the good stories to the fore, which made a nice change from the usual fare of bad news that ensures I avoid watching it.

Some of the stories if you want to have a read: HERE!

Where we are now

It did cast a vast swathe of gloom across the land. Many were angry and others devastated. People were furious at the government for “mishandling” the situation. But to be fair this has never happened before, we are living through unprecedented times. ALL governments are struggling to do what they think is best at the time. Now and later people pick things apart and say this should have been done or that should have been done sooner. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

If only those in positions of power followed the same rules then maybe this would have been over sooner, who knows! The populations will ignore the rules if the rule-makers don’t follow them too.How to survive christmas

So where does that leave Christmas?

Christmas Spirit

We can still have the spirit of Christmas by helping others. Check on neighbours who are alone and ensure they have everything they need. On Christmas day have a socially distanced chat with them. It will make you feel good as well as them.

Take time for reflection. Is Christmas usually a manic fest of material goods, too much eating and drinking and one person mainly doing all the work? If so, maybe this is a good time to make changes that will stay for future Christmases.

If you have fallen out with family or friends then stretch out an olive branch. Decide that right and wrong are no longer important but staying connected is.

I think this year, more than any other we have realised how important it is to spend time with family and friends, essentially, our loved ones.


Connect with like-minded people online. Connecting to others is important. Watch things that make you laugh.

Remind yourself of everything you are grateful for! Yes, I know many are not feeling it but trust me, once you start making a list it will lift your spirits. Begin with basics such as;  I woke up, I am breathing, I have a bed, a roof over my head and move on from there. Suggest it to others that are feeling low.

Gratitude is a great one for lifting the spirits.Get an Attitude of Gratitude. How to survive Christmas

Go for a walk and say hello to those you meet. Why? It’s just another way to connect. Even just a smile can not only make a difference to you but to the other person too.

Arrange a time with family members to do a Facetime or Zoom call. Get everyone to download a game you can play together as you chat. That way the conversation doesn’t get stilted and awkward. A big plus is that it is fun.

I did this with my sister and niece after a family zoom call. We stayed on I downloaded a game they both had and we had such a good laugh. It was great fun.

And finally

Remember that nothing lasts forever. Everything passes, good and bad.How to Survive Christmas

This is one Christmas out of many we have had and many more to come. Maybe future Christmases won’t be so much about the amassing expensive gifts and enough food to feed a small country. Perhaps it will for many, be more about spending the time with and enjoying the company of loved ones.

If you are in a household with others, enjoy it. Talk to them, play games together. Put phones, ipads, laptops and game consoles etc aside as much as possible. Enjoy connecting in the real world rather than the virtual world.

Don’t forget, if you know someone is alone give them a call or go and have a socially distanced chat to make their day.

Most of all enjoy it and have a relaxing time.

Happy Christmas!

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