6 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Mindset

“The key to abundance is to stop needing more, and to start appreciating what you already have.” – Anonymous

I would say that the quote should say: The key to abundance is to stop WANTING more and to start appreciating what you have.

So basically you start being grateful for what you have and an attitude of gratitude brings more to be grateful for. When you are being grateful you tend to be happier as it lifts your mood and your general vibration. So lets discover the 6 signs it’s time to change your mindset, so you can start living your best life.

From Collins Dictionary.com

  • If you refer to someone’s mindset, you mean their general attitudes and the way they typically think about things.

From Dictionary.com

  • a fixed attitude, disposition, or mood: “His conservative mindset sometimes causes him to miss out on important opportunities.” “Her judgmental mindset has cost her a number of friendships.”
  • an intention or inclination: “I’m not sure what her mindset will be when you ask her about her plans.”

Why doesn’t everyone do that?

Many want to change their mindset but very few do. So why is that? Because it takes time and effort. A lot of people begin with enthusiasm and then give up. Why?

They don’t think it works because they ignore the signs that show it is working.

Or it isn’t happening fast enough so rather than keep up the effort, they give up, deciding it isn’t working.

So many people start things, deciding they want the life that others have but cannot sustain the effort long term. Either that or they only try to do parts of something, which means it won’t work in the way they want.

Why change now?your mindset creates your destiny

Everyone is talking about changing your mindset so you can manifest what you desire. How do you know when it’s time to change your mindset? After all, you’ve been thinking the same way for as long as you can remember. Or maybe you’ve had rough patch and your attitude has gotten out of whack. When you start having more negative days than good ones, then it’s time to change your mindset. These are some of the reasons you may want to change your mindset.

Our mindset it what produces the thoughts we have. That is the attitude that shapes our thinking which controls our actions and how we feel about things. If you have a negative attitude, then your thoughts start blaming and thinking the worst. When you have positive or healthy thoughts, you create a better environment for yourself and those around you.

6 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Mindset

Number One.

You’re always focused on failure instead of succeeding. You feel angry and disappointed over every failure without celebrating your success. You constantly see yourself as a failure, unconsciously sending negative messages to your mind that you will fail at what ever you try to accomplish.

Why not keep a journal and write down every success each day, no matter how small. Try to focus on the positive aspects of the day each time you find negative thoughts wandering in.

Number Two

You have a victim mentality. You’ve been a victim of bad experiences or been hurt by others you love in the past. You’re still holding onto those moments and find yourself constantly reliving them, keeping you stuck in the past. Going over and over the same things keeps you in the negative mindset rather than a positive one.

Though it can be hard to do, it is better to forgive and let go of the past. The only person hurt by clinging on to it is you, so letting go is for your own sake, as is the forgiveness. It doesn’t mean that what happened was any less hurtful or makes the other person right, it just means that you can find inner peace.

If you had a very traumatic experience, that can be harder to deal with on your own and can often need professional help for you to let it go.

Number Threechange your mindset change your life

You have social media envy. You see the unnatural glamorous lifestyles of other people online, and it makes you feel worse about yourself. You devalue what you have. You focus on what you don’t have or aren’t doing.  Don’t focus on what you don’t have, think about what you do have in your life. Show gratitude for what you have.

Make a list each morning in a journal, on your phone or in your head of things you are grateful for. I can guarantee that your day will start on a much more positive note and you will feel happier for doing it. There are billions of people on this planet and at least a billion, if not more, would love to have your life.

Number Four

You see work as a chore.

You dread going to work, complain about doing the work, or feel like it’s a major chore. You wake up each morning just longing for the weekend rather than enjoying each day.

Do you really want to live your life like that,. wishing your time away, being miserable? But what can you do about it?

The obvious one is to  look for another job, though that isn’t always feasible. Before you do anything though, sit and write a list of what sort of job or jobs that you want. If you are unsure then make the list of the sort of work you want to do that would make you feel fulfilled, as though you were making a difference.

Until you can make any changes, look at why you took the job you have. Did you take it from convenience, was it all that was available at that time or did you want that particular job?

Whatever the reason you could try viewing your job as a means of providing value to others and as having an impact on you and others around you. Being able to work gives you the opportunity to contribute to society.

Number Five

You obsess about things you can’t control or change.

You complain about what you can’t control like the weather, government, traffic and other people. Your mind is filled with everything you don’t like, rather than what you can control which is yourself.

The more you complain about things, the more you will find to complain about. This is very negative and stops you feeling happy about anything. It can become a habit that grows  until you become known for constantly complaining and people start to avoid you.

Look at your behaviours and think about how you can begin the process of changing. Try to monitor your thoughts and stop negative thoughts intruding by thinking about something you are looking forward to. Then you begin to encourage a more positive mindset. It will take some time and effort to check those thoughts but it will be worth it.

Once you stop complaining and start taking action, you will have a greater sense of accomplishment and abundance.

Number Six

You lack gratitude for what you have. gratitude changes everythingYou focus on what is wrong with things or the world, or the inadequacies in yourself and others. You feel that you don’t have anything to be grateful for, that everyone else has much more than you do. You don’t see the good in your life, only lack.

A saying of mine is that: ‘YOU are  perfect in your own unique way’. Which of course is true, because we are unique, every single one of us. No one else can live our life the way we can ourselves. Realise that there is no perfect anywhere. We constantly have media ideals pushed into our faces, online, TV, magazine and newspapers etc. This is all wrong. What is beautiful to one person, leaves another cold.

When we find a life partner, the way we look might begin the interest but its our unique energy that meshes that makes each couple a perfect combination at that time. Not every relationship lasts forever, sometimes we have to have a few before finding the perfect one.

Focus on identifying the positive things you are grateful for every day.

Time to change

Do you really want to change? Think about that. Yes, no, unsure?

Do you know that it’s possible to be happy most of the time? I say most because we are after all human and events can knock us off centre. How long it takes to recover from that is dependant upon your overall happiness which is caused by your mindset.

If life seems a never ending treadmill then its time to get off and have a life. Sometimes we just become aware that there should be more to life than always working hard to get more material things that then get replaced by bigger and better material things.

It’s not about giving up your job and casting aside all responsibility. It’s about making small changes until you realised that your life has completely changed.

How do I know? Because when I look back I cannot pinpoint a particular time when I switched from being dissatisfied with life’s endless boring routines to being happy 97/98% of the time. A lot of days I am happy all the time interspersed with times of pure joy that well up for no reason at all and make me laugh out loud.

The other small percentage for me is affected by family. If something goes wrong with one of mine it saddens me deeply. Then I will pick up after a few minutes, sometimes it can take half an hour or more before my positive mindset switches and I start planning how I can make it better.

Let’s all be Happy!

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6 thoughts on “6 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Mindset”

  1. I believe having the correct mindset is everything in life. My life changed about 5 years ago when i started to take notice of the law of attraction. I was taught how to be grateful for everything and everyone in my life. Boy did i notice a huge difference in myself and the change has continued in abundance. Everyone needs to read this article as it’s spot on. What we believe we can achieve 🙂

    • The right mindset is very important I agree Lisa. 

      Gratitude brings more to be grateful for. It makes you feel happier which raises your vibration and attracts more good things towards you, as you discovered.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. I love everything about mindset. I have just finished the book called mindset and it was a revelation to me about the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. I agree, changing your mindset is easier said than done. But I do believe that if you put in the effort and try your hardest and take it one day at a time you will be good at it. It is like a mindset. I love having a journal and focusing on my progress instead of comparing myself to another person. I guess a little competition is great but sometimes you just have to look at your progress. 

    For myself I still have to work with my control issue. I get upset over the things that is out of my control but with time I am getting better but still needs more work on it. 

    I agree it is time to change. 

    • I agree, making the effort is worth it because the right mindset helps every area of your life Nuttanee. The only person you should compare yourself to, is yourself by trying to be a better person than you were before. Everyone is different therefore it is pointless to measure yourself against another person. Journalling is always good to measure your progress.

      Thank you for your comments.

  3. These are really true and I have to confess that I am beginning to see some of these things that you have highlighted in the way that I think and I think I need to change that. Thankfully, you have pointed out the things we need to do to make sure that these things change and I will make sure that I follow it.

    • It’s often when we see them pointed out that we notice that we too have those signs. Without that they can go unnoticed for years, holding us back in all areas of life as well as success in business.

      Thank you for commenting.


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