21 day Abundance Challenge

Are you ready to give this a go?

An amazingly priced and life changing, 21 Day Abundance  Challenge from Marisa Peer.

Who is Marisa Peer?

An internationally renowned therapist who has helped so many people, with life changing results. Part therapist and part hypno therapist she has helped people without having to treat them over and over. She has created some amazing courses, 2 of which I have done and faound them amazing.

So what is the Abundance Challenge about?

It begins on Monday 15th February and last for 3 weeks or 21 days.

This is a course consisting of videos, meditations, hypnotic audios and more. See below

From the website:

How The Challenge Works

  • Over 3 weeks, Marisa will personally guide you on an abundance path where you’ll uncover your limiting beliefs around money, remove them completely, and create new, powerful ones that will allow you to live life you deserve.Each day you will get access to a video from Marisa and an activity to do. This is different from a typical course in which you listen and learn, this is about taking action and making a change.21 Day Abundance Challenge
  • To make sure you truly transform, we’ve put together something special and unique to guide you every step of the way.
  • You get:
  • 21 days of video trainings from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
  • Four meditation tracks (invaluable)
  • Two root cause meditations ($98 value)
  • Four pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marisa ($697 value)
  • Three hypnotic audios ($98 value)
  • Four pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marisa ($697 value)
  • A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)

How Much?

Looks like it costs a lot doesn’t it? There is a lot of value there! Except you won’t be asked to pay anywhere near the amount its worth.

Why? Because Marisa decided it would be nice to run something that helps people without the cost being too out of reach. If you do anything for free or too cheap people just give up or don’t bother to put much effort into it.  Then when they fail, they say it was rubbish rather than admit they couldn’t be bothered.

So rather than $1190 this will be $99, which I think is an amazing price.

Is it worth it?

Well, don’t take my word for it, go and have a look for yourself at the page for the Abundance Course.


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I think it is worth it but then I paid a lot more for the courses I did do. So naturally, I think this is a complete bargain. Will I do this? YES! Absolutely!

Will it Work?

Now that depends upon you. First you have to think hard about it. Then you have to decide whether changing your life is worth making a commitment for 21 days. That is all it is, just 21 days. Can YOU take the 21 day abundance challenge?

Can YOU commit for that length of time?

Many say that it takes 3 weeks or 21 days to change a habit.  So if you can stick with it you could change the way you think about abundance completely.

How will it do that?

The best way, by removing your abundance blocks. These are things that take hold gradually. If you had parents that always worried about money and constantly heard negative references to abundance then it affects you. It could have come from grandparents, wider family members and any adult in your life.

We don’t realise how far reaching the effects can be.

Who is it for? 

Everyone, because so many of us have abundance blocks.

You may not be struggling but perhaps you never seem to quite make that breakthrough. Perhaps you have a business that never quite takes off.

You want financial freedom but never quite get there and not for want of hard work and effort.

So What is Abundance?

Some see it as having loads of money or even very great wealth. But it is different for everyone. Your beliefs depend on background, where and how you grew up, whether you had enough, were happy etc.

Abundance to me, is having plenty of everything to be able to share with my family, to be able to treat them when I feel like it. To never have to worry about bills or things going wrong and having to be replaced. To be in that place in life called Flow, where everything flows easily.

“Abundance should flow easily. There is more than enough in this world for everyone. Unfortunately we often subconsciously stop ourselves from receiving.” How did you feel reading those 3 sentences? Did you think, that’s rubbish/not true/you don’t believe it?  Those are all blocks.

Blocks!Blocks to Abundance

A scarcity mindset stops us from receiving. What is that?

Thoughts like: I will never be able to have nice things. I can’t/will never be able to afford that. Everything is so expensive. We never have money left over. We can’t afford a nice holiday/house/car. People like us will never be rich.

Often we heard things as children: Money is the root of all evil. Rich people aren’t nice. Being rich ruins your life because people only want to know you for your money. We can never have money. We wouldn’t want to have money to spoil things.

Do any of those seem familiar? Yes?

Then let’s do this!

Are you ready? Want to live that best life? Want your life to be easier and flow better. Do you want more abundance in YOUR life?

It’s time to take that step and take the 21 Day Abundance  Challenge from Marisa Peer.

Do you want the confidence to ask for that pay rise, go for that better job or start the business you always wanted to try? Well, this is your chance!

If you want an abundance of everything just take that step and invest in yourself. Put you first for a change rather than everyone else.


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